English Castles

Medieval Castle

English Castles
English castles dominate the landscape of England. Hundreds of these massive fortresses were built during the Medieval era - a list many of the famous and historic English castles are detailed on this page.

A concise history and several timelines of the following English castles is also available on the following links to old English Medieval castles.

The History of English Castles
The History of English castles date back to the Norman Invasion of 1066 and William the Conqueror. His success at the Battle of Hastings was partly due to bringing pre-built castles with his invasion fleet when attacking England.

Picture of a Medieval Castle
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These wooden Motte and Bailey castles were fast to erect and afforded a power base and shelter for his men-at-arms and livestock. Up to this point there were very few English castles.

Famous English Castles Famous English Castles
Pontefract Castle
Bodiam Castle
Caister Castle
Allington Castle
Tower of London

History of English Castles
The Bronze Age had seen the erection of Hillforts and Alfred the Great had adopted a strategy of building Burhs - fortified towns. A few English Motte and Bailey castles had been constructed by Normans who had been invited to England by King Edward the Confessor. The temporary wooden Motte and Bailey castles were quickly replaced by the permanent stone Norman castles which were dominated by their tower Keeps. The advantages of English castles were quickly perceived by the Medieval Plantagenet Kings and the concept of concentric castles were soon to dominate the English landscape. King Edward I continued the castle building initiated by his father Henry III and, with his chief architect and builder Master James of St George,  built massive Concentric Castles in England, Scotland and Wales. The strongly fortified concentric castles built a series of defences around the central keep. The history of English castles moved on again when the interiors of English castles became more luxurious. English politics changed and the King was not dependent on his nobles for support. Privately owned English castles which were built as power bases and strongholds came out of favour and English castles were built primarily as magnificent, or palatial, residences of the wealthy. The massive English castles developed into highly luxurious palaces. The comprehensive history of English castles can be accessed via the Castles Timeline and Sitemap at the top of the page.

The Most Famous of English Castles - The Tower of London!
The most famous of all English castles is the Tower of London. This is the oldest of English castles and its cruel bloody history dates back almost one thousand years! Its history during the early renaissance covers this famous English castle when it was used, in the fourteenth century, as a prison to some of the most famous people in English history.

Other Famous English Castles
There are many other famous Medieval Castles in Great Britain - the most famous English castles are

  • Windsor
  • Warwick
  • Leeds
  • Hever
  • Dover

List of English Castles
The following list of English castles is not exhaustive but indicates the vast range of Medieval and Renaissance castles that can be found in England. 

List of English Castles 
English Castles and Locations  English Castles and Locations 
Location  Castle  Location  Castle 
London Castles  Tower of London  South West England  Tintagel Castle 
  Eltham Palace  English Castles  Pomeroy Castle 
  Winchester Palace    Dartmouth 
  Buckingham Palace    Lydford Castle 
South East England  Donnington Castle    Okehampton Castle 
English Castles  Calshot Castle    Totnes 
  Hurst Castle    Christchurch Castle 
  Porchester    Lulworth Castle 
  Wolvesey Castle  English  Portland 
  Deal Castle    Sherborne Old Castle 
English  Dover    St Briavel's Castle 
  Eynsford Castle  English  Cromwell's Castle 
  Rochester    King Charles 
  Valence Castle    Hungerford 
English  Upnor Castle  English  Nunney Castle 
  Walmer    Ludgershall Castle 
  Deddington Castle    Wardour 
English  Uffington Castle  East England  Hadleigh 
  Farnham  English Castles  Berkhamstead Castle 
English  Pevensey Castle    Baconsthorpe Castle 
  Bramber Castle    Burgh Castle 
  Carisbrooke    Weeting 
  Yarmouth    Framlingham 
South West England  Launceston Castle    Orford 
English Castles  Pendennis Castle  East Midlands  Peveril Castle 
  Restormel  English Castles  Ashby de la Zouch Castle 
  St Catherine's Castle    Muxloe Castle 
  St Mawes    Bolingbroke Castle 
Yorkshire Castles  Skipsea Castle  West Midlands  Goodrich Castle 
English Castles  Hemsley  English Castles  Longtown Castle 
  Middleham Castle    Wigmore 
  Pickering Castle    Acton Burnell Castle 
  Richmond    Clun Castle 
  Scarborough Castle    Moreton Corbet Castle 
  Spofforth Castle    Stokesay Castle 
  Conisborough Castle    Kenilworth 
North West Castles  Beeston Castle  North East Castles  Auckland Castle 
English Castles  Chester Castle  English Castles  Barnard Castle 
  Agricola Castle    Bowes Castle 
  Brough Castle    Aydon Castle 
  Brougham    Belsay Castle 
  Carlisle Castle    Tynmouth Castle 
  Penrith Castle    Dunstanburgh Castle 
  Piel Castle    Prudhoe Castle 
English Castles and Gardens
The most beautiful English castles provide the opportunity to not only, soak in the atmosphere of old Medieval castles, but also to enjoy the splendour of their beautiful gardens. English castles and gardens provide the opportunity to enjoy the history of the past and the beauty of the present day. Many of the castles have fully landscaped gardens. Formal gardens provide the opportunity to see unusual flowers and plants with examples of imaginative works of topiary and perfect lawns. Some English castles have gardens  with outstanding collections of exotic subtropical plants and 18th century and 19th century landscape gardens set among terraces and winding paths. The great old Castles of England with their unusual herb gardens reflect the life of 14th century fortresses and gardens.

English Castles

Most Famous English Castles

Tower of London

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