Castle Hotels in Scotland

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Castle Hotels in Scotland

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Castle Hotels in Scotland 

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List of Castle Hotels in Scotland
The following list of Castles Hotels in Scotland are not exhaustive but include the most popular of these specialist hotels. A wonderful opportunity to enjoy the heritage of Scotland whilst touring or visiting the country. A list of the Scottish castles & hotels is as follows - click on the links for more details which include facts and information about the accommodation, number of rooms, local attractions, facilities, amenities and address & contact information: 

The above list of Castles Hotels in Scotland are not exhaustive but include the most popular of these specialist hotels. Click the following link for information about Castle Hotels in Ireland

Fairytale, Romantic Weddings in Scottish Castles
Many of the above Scottish castles have  been tastefully converted into hotels which offer the opportunity to have a romantic, fairytale wedding in the castle. Many Scottish castles cater for weddings complete with servants, caterers and whatever other wedding services you might require. A dream come true - a wedding in a castle in Scotland!

Castle Hotels in Scotland
The Castle Hotels in Scotland have been renovated from some of the oldest and most famous castles in the World. The building of the great Stone Castles in Scotland started after the Norman invasion of England.  Now everyone has the opportunity to stay in one of the magnificent castle hotels in Scotland. Experience a sense of history and enjoy the luxurious surroundings of the Scottish castle hotels.

Scottish Castle Building - Ackergill Tower Castle
The design and building of of Scottish hotels was dictated by the architecture and requirements prevalent in the century that the castle was built:

  • 11th century castle building instigated by the Normans and started with wooden Motte and Bailey designs, moving on to stone castles
  • 12th & 13th centuries - Massive stone Castles
  • 14th - The Tower House Castles were introduced
  • 15th - L Shape Tower House Castles
  • 16th & 17th - Artillery Forts and Garrisons
  • S18th, 19th & 20th - Fairytale style romantic castles

Visit Castles in Scotland
If you would like to visit some Scottish castles on your vacation or holiday and require additional information about other Scottish castles and hotels please click one of the following links for information about luxury hotels, deluxe Scottish accommodation, Scottish luxury hotels, 5 star, exclusive Scottish hotels, wedding hotels and conference hotels:

Castles in Scotland

Castle Hotels in Scotland

Top 10 List of Scottish Castles & Hotels

  • Auchen
  • Borthwick
  • Culzean
  • Dornoch
  • Glenapp
  • Guthrie
  • Minard
  • Myres
  • Skibo
  • Wedderburn

Top 10 List of Scottish Hotels

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