• What was the Origin, Meaning or Definition of the Bower in a Medieval Castle
  • Description of a Bower
  • What was the purpose of the Bower?
  • Where was the Bower normally located inside the castle?


Description of the Bower
The Bower was an attractive and private apartment, or room, intended for the Lady of the Medieval castle. The Bower was initially situated in a room behind the dais at the back Great Hall but was later built as a feature of all later castles on higher levels.

Purpose of the Bower
The purpose of the Bower was the
private withdrawing-room and bedroom for the Lady of the castle. The Bower was furnished with a bed and various chests for garments, a few benches and stools. The Bower was an extension of the family room called the Solar. The walls were often decorated with colorful tapestries. Furs and bright covers and pillows were thrown over the bed. The Lady of the castle was attended in the Bower by her ladies in waiting. The activities in the Bower (the withdrawing room which was many years later called the Drawing Room) included embroidery, reading and music.

Origin, Meaning of the word 'Bower'
Origin and Meaning of the word 'Bower' derives from the Middle English word 'bour' meaning dwelling.

Introduction of the Bower in Medieval Castles
The Bower was introduced with Plantagenet castles
during the Medieval period 1154 - 1485

The Bower
Facts and information about the many different parts of Castles! The Bower was an essential Castle part for ensuring a private retreat for the Lady of the castle.


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