Description of the Solar
The Solar was a room in the castle called the Lords and Ladies Chamber, or the Great Chamber. The Solar was intended for use as a bedroom and used by the lord and lady of the castle - it also afforded some privacy for the noble family of the castle. This type of chamber was originally a partitioned room which was added to the end of the Great Hall. The Lords and Ladies chamber were subsequently situated on an upper floor when it was called the solar.

Purpose of the Solar and the Wardrobe
The room in the castle called the Solar was intended for sleeping and private quarters and used by the Lord's family. It became a private sitting room favoured by the family.

Parts of a Castle
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The furniture in the Solar included beds, chairs and chests - it is worth noting that beds sometimes doubled as chairs. For added security personal servants of the lord often slept in the lord's chamber on a portable pallet.

Purpose of the Wardrobe
The solar suite of rooms was extended to include a room called the wardrobe.

The origin of the modern word wardrobe was derived from Garderobe (the castle latrine) which was originally used to store clothes as the pungent smells deterred moths! The lords clothes were expensive and the wardrobe became a department of a royal or noble household entrusted with the care of clothing, jewels, and personal articles.



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Origin, Meaning of the word 'Solar'
The Origin and Meaning of the word 'Solar' derives from the Latin word 'solaris' meaning sun. The prestigious Solar was designed to be situated in a room with a bright aspect

Introduction of the Solar in Medieval Castles
The Solar was introduced with Plantagenet castles during the Medieval period 1154 - 1485

The Solar
Facts and information about the many different parts of Castles! The Solar became an essential part of the Castle ensuring a private retreat for the Lord and Lady of the castle.


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