Description of the Ramparts
Ramparts were a defensive bank of earth or rubble built for defensive purposes. A parapet was often built on top of the ramparts which acted as a protected fighting platform for castle defenders. These original structures led on to the design of Medieval stone castle battlements.

Description of the Ramparts
Ramparts date back to the Hillforts of the Iron and Bronze ages and the Forts which were built by the Romans. The  purpose of the ramparts was to protect the interior of a fortification. Each Roman fort and Hillfort had a rampart and many had Palisades (A fence of pales forming a defence barrier or fortification.)

Parts of a Castle
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The Norman Motte and Bailey Castle tower was surrounded by a rampart and palisade. These were the early forerunner of the massive stone Curtain Walls.

History of the Ramparts

The ramparts were one of the most important forms of defence and, as such, its history dates back to the Hillforts of the Iron and Bronze Ages and the Forts of the Roman Empire! Ramparts later became a feature of the Norman Motte and Bailey Castles which were built by the Normans and then included in Medieval castle designs.



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The Ramparts
This section of 'Castles' provides interesting facts and information about the many different parts of Castles! The Ramparts were an essential Castle part for as a form of defence against intruders.


Parts of a Castle

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