Description of the Bastion
The Bastion was a solid masonry defensive projecting part of a castle, usually a small tower, which was situated at the corners, the middle or at the end of the curtain wall. The Bastion was always built in well-fortified position. Sometimes the Bastion was a circular tower but more sophisticated versions had a pentagon design consisting of:

  • A projecting part of a fortification.
  • A well-fortified position
  • Two faces
  • Two flanks
  • And the Bastion had a rear wall
Parts of a Castle
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Other designs of the Bastion included four sided versions called tetrahedral. A Counterguard was a detached structure protecting a bastion.

Purpose of the Bastion
The purpose of the Bastion, or small tower which projected out from the line of the curtain wall, was to cover 'dead ground' or the 'blind spots' in the castle curtain wall.



  • What was the Origin, Meaning or Definition of the Bastion
  • Description of a castle Bastion
  • What was the purpose of the Bastion?
  • How did Bastion help with Castle defenses?
  • How did the Bastion get it's name?

Origin, Meaning of the word 'Bastion'
The Origin and Meaning of the word 'Bastion' derives from the Old French word 'bastillon' from the word 'bastille' meaning fortress.

Introduction of the Bastion - Norman Castles
The Bastion was introduced with Norman Castles during the Medieval period 1066 - 1154

Introduction of the Bastion in Medieval Castles
The Bastion was introduced with Plantagenet Castles during the Medieval period 1154 - 1485

Bastion - Part of a Medieval Castle
The most prolific of the castle builders were the Plantagenets. English King Edward I. These old Medieval Castleswere a symbol of wealth and power and were often the centre of historic battles and Medieval sieges. These great old Castleswere built for Medieval warfare and defence and new parts of the castle were designed accordingly! The Bastion features in the Medieval Castlesbuilt by the Plantagenets.

The Bastion
Facts and information about the many different parts of Castles! The Bastion was an essential Castle part for ensuring a safe retreat against intrusion or invasion!


Parts of a Castle

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